4 Replies to “What To Do On Bad Days”

  1. Wait it out! Excellent advice. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Tomorrow will be a better day. And yay! Your first video! Love it. Keep them coming!

  2. Jennifer, thank you for your helpful message. It’s just what I wanted to hear today. You have a lovely demeanour and atmosphere. Keep posting your videos xxx

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I’ve just found your blog today. Thank you for your insight and for the permission to just “be.” I find myself in a bit of a predicament. A few weeks ago I accepted a co-worker’s invitation for Christmas dinner. I wanted to say no, but I said yes anyway because I didn’t wish to hurt her feelings. I was looking forward to this holiday time away from everything and everyone who are even remotely connected with my job. Yes, I hate where I work and would not return if I could attain gainful employment elsewhere. My co-worker lives right down the street from our workplace. I don’t want to go near that place until I absolutely must go in that directions. The closer Christmas Day approaches the more anxious and depressed I get. I just don’t believe that I can make my car point in the direction of her house. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but I feel that my emotional health is at stake. I just can’t go, but I don’t know how to tell her without her taking it personally. I feel so overwhelmed by responsibilities, work, stress, and battling bullies. I sleep a lot during the day. If I’m not asleep, I’m sleepy. I’m just not good company and need to recharge. It’s the 23rd, so I’d better tell her that I’m not coming. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

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