Happy Mother’s Day

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This is my favorite pic of my mom.

This is a short post. I just want to wish everyone a very happy Mother’s Day! I’m sending this message out to everyone, even those of us who are not mothers, because today is a chance for all of us to think about the wonderful impact that mothers have on our lives. Mothers are everywhere and we love them! Even the non human ones.

I saw this mom and her chicks randomly on 67th and Cottage Grove yesterday!
I saw this beautiful mama and her chicks randomly strolling down 71st and Cottage Grove yesterday.  She stopped traffic!

As most of you know, this is my first Mother’s Day after my mom passed last summer.  And it’s really hard. But I’ll get through it by focusing on how much her life has impacted mine and how appreciative I am that I’m here today because of her.  Also, my brother sent me the most adorable pics of my mother’s garden in her back yard. My mother’s garden was her pride and joy and its thriving even after she’s gone. Her influence is still visible and inspiring. What more could a daughter ask for?

So I’m encouraging everyone to celebrate your mama today. Whether she’s no longer with us, whether you’re sitting with her right now, or whether you’re not speaking to her, remember that you are here because of her.  And because of that simple fact alone, the world is better place because of her.

If you’re up to it, please leave a comment below sharing your thoughts about Mother’s Day.

My beautiful little niece walking around my mom's garden.
My beautiful little niece walking around my mom’s garden.
My mama would be so proud!
My mama would be so proud!



2 Replies to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Jennifer,

    The most precious memories I shared with my mother is when I had permission to stay up late with her to cook the holidays meal.

    My mother was a fabulous cook. She would let me taste every dish and she would ask me how does it taste? Of course my answer would be delicious everything. It really was delicious!!!

    My mother also had the best job in the world. Nope she didn’t have a 9-5 job, she had a 24 hr job: staying home taking care of a husband and 6 beautiful kids. That to me is an amazing job. I love my Mother.

    Thanks Jennifer, for this special edition for Mother’s Day.

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