Go Deep Within


Happy New Year!

It’s freezing here in NYC.  Winter has been in full glory for the past week or so. And today, she gave us a doozy of a snow storm. The news has been calling it a “Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm” and New York and New Jersey have each declared a state of emergency.

I’ve mentioned before how much I respect the power of seasons.  I love living in a place where there are four distinct seasons because each season has its own spirit.

I think winter’s spirit is all about hibernation, healing, reflection, and planning. When the weather is like it is today, we naturally burrow into our homes and retreat into our home lives.

Here are 9 ways you can heal this winter.

Winter is the natural time to go within. 

In respect of the winter season, I created a helpful and free winter healing guide that will instruct you on how to make the most of your 90 day winter season.

Winter Healing Guide

Happy Winter! Stay Warm!



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