Our Nests

Living Room
My Home

I think that everyone should have at least one nest. A nest is a place in which you can retreat from the world, nurture yourself, and replenish your soul. For me, that nest is definitely my home. I LOVE MY HOME! I really do. I love decorating it, I love tending to it, and I love to entertain in it. But most importantly, I love the way I feel when I’m there. When I am in my home, I feel like all is right with the world. It is truly my sanctuary.

I maintain the essence of my sanctuary by editing it and guarding it. In a world full of excess, I make conscious decisions about what belongs in my home and what doesn’t.  I only invite close friends to spend time in my home. I decorate my space with things that I love to look at and that make me smile. I surround myself with things that remind me of  beautiful experiences that I’ve had and that  prompt me to recognize and be appreciative of my abundance. Read More